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Codex SEO offerings compliment your paid advertising to cover more of your market while using less money. How do we do this for you?

Money Spent on SEO is Money Saved on PPC

Better on-site optimization coincides with AdWords Quality score guidelines. Pages that are optimized for Google Search, also fulfill Google AdWords Quality Score guidelines. In other words, our on-page optimization services can create lower CPC costs for your PPC campaign.

We can also help your click-through rate. That’s because good search rankings often act as implied endorsements in the minds of your readers. We leverage that power via high search rankings. How does it work?

When your target audience sees your natural search results showing up on the same page as your paid ads, they will typically trust your ad more. This trust makes them more likely to click on your ads (higher CTR, as well as the lowered CPC costs that can go with it), and predisposes them towards a buying decision (higher conversion rate).

Improve Your Branding, Visibility, and Soft Sales

Of course, Codex SEO services aren’t just good for your paid advertising campaigns. They’re also good for multi-channel marketing (especially when you can be seen on the first page of the SERPs for several different terms) and branding campaigns.

Finally, our SEO offerings are great for your business in general. We’ve found that many organizations that chose an on-site “SEO makeover” to enhance their paid ad campaigns also enjoyed substantial benefit from higher organic rankings.

We believe you’ll be glad to see our SEO services pay for themselves—and then some. In fact, sometimes a thorough site makeover is all you need to see a substantial increase in ROI.

Codex SEO services include:

  • On-page optimization and on-site “SEO Makeovers”.
  • Review and optimization of all of your current content.
  • Creation and posting of new optimized content.
  • Panda and Penguin-compliant off-site content-based links to your site.
  • Google-complaint off-site blogs and Web 2.0 pages.
  • We’ll develop (or refurbish) your quality on-site blog that will brand you while it helps in the SERPs.

SEO benefits include:

  • Generate traffic without spending huge dollars on advertisements.
  • Perceived Google endorsement (or Bing, Yahoo, etc.) from high rankings helps generate trust and increase conversions.
  • Perceived authority..
  • When your search result shows up on the same page as a search ad, it’s a double-whammy and lends trust.
  • SEO best practices for on-page optimization overlap with Google AdWords Quality Score requirements, which can mean a big reduction in CPC for you.

SEO is both an art and a science. You shouldn’t trust your search marketing to just anybody. Talk to Codex today to find an artfully scientific approach in increasing your visibility and bottom line.


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Codex SEO offerings compliment your paid advertising to cover more of your market while using less money. How do we do this for you?

Money Spent on SEO is Money Saved on PPC

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