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Pay Per Click ads are a great way for any business to make a surprising amount of money in a very short amount of time—when they’re done right. But when they’re not handled with a steady, experienced had, PPC ads can lose your business a surprising amount of money in a surprisingly short amount of time.

Of course, you don’t have to be new to PPC to want a little bit of justified assistance. We’ve found that even business owners with strong PPC skills can benefit from a little bit of professional help.

Whether you need a little bit of PPC consulting or our turnkey PPC solution of PPC management, we’ve got you covered. Our experts have experience with everything from online branding campaigns, to high-competition performance marketing, to high-ticket lead generation campaigns. They’ll help you see a boost in your bottom line, no matter your market or your budget.

What’s Your ROI?

You’ve probably heard this half-joking lament by now: “I know that half of my advertising works and half of it doesn’t—I just don’t know which half!”

Maybe that’s still true of most offline television and magazine advertising. But there are just too many digital tracking tools for you to ever have to wonder what your online ads are bringing in. And since Pay Per Click ads can eat up so much money so quickly, it’s inexcusable for any marketing company to ever give you less than an exact answer as to where your money is going.

With Codex PPC services, you’ll know just how hard every dollar—and every cent—is working for you. Our trained PPC staff has the technology to track every click on every add and the skill to know how all of your ads across all platforms add up.

Which PPC Platform Works Best for You?

Many people feel stuck with Google Adwords and -maybe- Facebook. We have successfully used Microsoft/Bring, Yahoo, as well as many 2nd-teir and even 3rd-teir networks.

The simple fact of the matter is that you’ll never know unless you try. Here at Codex, we’ll leave no stone unturned as we help you hunt down your profits. Our team has

the experience and competence to know just where to look.

Codex Coordinates with Your Entire Online Presence

There are multiple factors that make any good PPC campaign a success or a failure. This doesn’t just include the things you would expect, such as good ad copy, quality traffic sources, and proper bid management.

Everything from your SEO & Social Media campaigns, to your “About Us” page, to you offline reputation forms a cohesive whole that affects the success of PPC campaign. And whether you contract Codex for simple bid management or a comprehensive multi-channel sales push, we’ll take all of your efforts into account when it comes to your pay per click campaign.

Codex PPC Services

Codex offers a variety of services to help your business succeed in the competitive world of Pay Per Click advertising. Whether you need help in one or two specific areas, or a turnkey PPC management solution for your entire campaign, we’ve got you covered.

Services include:

  • Bid management.
  • Ad creation.
  • Landing page creation.
  • A/B split testing for ads, traffic sources, platforms, and landing pages.
  • Supplementary keyword research to uncover profitable keywords.
  • Market research to uncover new & profitable traffic sources and ad platforms.
  • 100% turnkey PPC management.

Are you ready to increase your ROI and uncover hidden sources of revenue for your business? Contact Codex today for a free consultation.



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