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While many decision-makers may not be familiar with the term, most businesses use Content Marketing in some form or another-often without even knowing it!

We’ve found that it’s a lot easier to see good results when you know exactly what you’re doing. Here at Codex, we help you leverage your content to create a buying environment for your customers.

How Content Marketing Works for You

Most people use information they find on the Web to help them make purchasing decisions. This is true whether they are acting as everyday consumers, as well as decision makers for a business.

In fact, studies show most consumers feel better about companies that provide custom content, while over two-thirds feel that the content most businesses provide is valuable. It also helps increase conversions by providing your customers with the information they need. Your content can (and should) hit on consumers’ emotional hot spots and otherwise suggestively pre-sell.

Perhaps more importantly, nearly three quarters of all customers say they would rather get information about a company via articles and other content as opposed to advertising-even though they know that the content ultimately is there to get them to make a purchase.

In other words, if you aren’t using Content Marketing, you’re giving up the most important type of advertising of all!

Content Marketing and SEO (and PPC)

At one point, Content Marketing and SEO were two separate-but-related methodologies that just happened to overlap to some degree. In those days, CM wasn’t essential in the same ways it is today-and was often ignored.

In today’s post-Panda Google landscape, however, great content is no longer the extra edge that will give you a leg up over your competition. Instead, it’s an essential part of every SEO strategy. In other words, you can’t have a good SEO strategy without also having a good content marketing strategy. It’s just not possible any more.

The good news is that good content puts you head and shoulders above your competition much easier than it used to. On top of that, good content can raise your Google AdWords Quality Score, which makes life easier (and less expensive) when you run PPC for search.

What Codex Does for You

Our services include:

  • Write and rewrite your on-site blog posts, pages, and other content as needed.
  • Create content on other Web properties, such as “Web 2.0” sites, blogs, etc.
  • Create whitepapers, videos, and branded reports to make your message viral across the Web.
  • Seamlessly integrate your branded content message with your social media, PPC, media buys, and other marketing efforts.

Content Marketing sells. More importantly it creates an environment where it’s easy for customers to buy. Content marketing informs people in a likable way, and also explains the environment in such a way as to show them that you are the best logical solution. This is true whether their ultimate buying trigger is your blog, your banner ad, or your latest media buy.

Content Marketing is an essential part of any marketing strategy in the 21st Century. We’d even go so far as to say that great content is inherently marketable all by itself. Contact Codex today to learn how we can put Content Marketing to work for you.


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