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About us

Codex believes in knowing the results of every single penny you spend-and we know how to measure it!

aboutushomeThat’s why we strictly follow the direct marketing model of advertising. Clients who come to us from non-DM fields are always amazed at how we boost their profits and account for every penny–instead of repeating the famous phrase, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”

The biggest problem with advertising today is that most people still don’t know which half of their advertising is really working. That’s understandable if you’re not an advertising professional–and inexcusable if you are.

Codex marketing knows which half is which.

We know which half works because we test each half against the other half, and only keep the half that works best. Then we make the good half better by testing it in the market on a daily basis, so that you always have an ad that works right now. Read more »

Media Buying

When you set aside your media buying budget, do you set aside a certain amount—10%, 20%, or maybe even 50%—to throw away on bad decisions? We’ve never met anyone who does. Yet most agencies act like this was the case, when they procured online media for their clients. At Codex, we help you decide which media buys are obviously best for you, and which are acceptable risks for testing. More importantly, we can help you decide which buys are bringing in the biggest ROI, so that you can leverage them for as long as they are profitable. (more…)

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Marketing Strategy

Are you going for branding or direct sales-or both? Do you want to fire up sales in your current market, or boldly enter new ones? Whether you want your brand to seem fresh and new while keeping the same core offer, or to redefine yourself for the 21st century, Codex Marketing has got you covered. (more…)

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Codex SEO offerings compliment your paid advertising to cover more of your market while using less money. How do we do this for you?

Money Spent on SEO is Money Saved on PPC

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Pay Per Click Ad & Campaign Management Pay Per Click ads are a great way for any business to make a surprising amount of money in a very short amount of time—when they’re done right. But when they’re not handled ...

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